Active Breath


Whether you’re doing a HIIT session, lifting or just a light jog, your tights need to be able to keep up with you. Our range of activewear tights for women are designed to keep you feeling confident during your workout. Our leggings Activ Breath away moisture and excess sweat perfectly, so you don’t neglect your workout and you can make your next best time. Our 7/8 workout tights from accessfit are the ultimate choice for workouts that get your heart rate up quickly and keep you breathless so you cool down faster. Our women’s cycling shorts from Under Armour hold up great no matter the workout-whether it’s a spinning class or an ab workout, they’ll stay put so you can focus on the task at hand.

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Ready to hit the gym? Slip into some stylish women’s gym wear from accessfit From leggings

Discover the latest activewear Accessfit for women who love to run, bike, dance or just exercise, it’s important that they feel comfortable in their sportswear while looking fashionable and trendy to enjoy their workouts.

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